A downloadable game for Windows

A co-op applied pc game where one player plays as a farmer and has to maintain a healthy and profiting farm. While the other player plays as a beetle and has to take care of his colony by supplying them with resources. 


In order to play both experiences you'll need two screens.

Farmer: (CONTROLLER REQUIRED) - Left joystick to move, right joystick to rotate camera, x button to plant crops, triangle button to eat crops, DPAD to toggle crops.

Beetle: (CONTROLLER REQUIRED) - Left joystick to move, right joystick to rotate camera, right trigger to fly, triangle button to eat crops/interact.

Install instructions

Step 1. Download the game (ZIP file)

Step 2. Unzip the file on your computer

Step 3. Run the KeverFever.exe

Step 4. Enjoy the game!


Make sure you have the KeverFever_Data folder in the same map as the KeverFever.exe file or else you cannot run the game!


KeverFever_build_final.zip 86 MB


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The Human control is really hard getting used to, but you guys already knew that...

Gonna play this with a friend (outside of the GJ), this time Imma be the beetle, I wanna FLY WHOO!

Also nice co-op concept, really loved this game!