A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


Polyrealm is a short-term two man project that is still in development. It's one of the first games we've ever created in Unity and we would love to hear your opinions on it to deliver better content in the future!


Polyrealm is a 3D first person role-playing game that takes place somewhere in the middle ages. You can explore the world and take yourself on an adventure, whether you be fighting the enemies or walking around the map. You'll certainly be sweet for some time! :)

Planned updates:

- Quest system

- Mage and archer class

- Survival mode (multiplayer)

- More enemies

- Bug fixes

Install instructions

Step 1. Download the game (ZIP file)

Step 2. Unzip the file on your computer

Step 3. Run the polyrealm.exe or the polyrealm.app file (mac)

Step 4. Enjoy the game!


Make sure you have the Polyrealm_Data folder in the same map as the polyrealm.exe file or else you cannot run the game!


Polyrealm_PRE-ALPHA_WINDOWS.zip 59 MB
Polyrealm_PRE-ALPHA_MAC.zip 62 MB


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any new updates?

Definitely try to add more monsters, because you only have goblins right now. You could add ogres(which have layers XD), Demons, gremlins, trolls and MAYBE a boss battle against a dragon.

(1 edit)

I got an idea you could add horses and kings and queens plus you could add a class where your a thief and you can rob people

if you need anymore ideas I might be able to help :D

Hey I've even searching for a game and this happened to catch my interest. I hope its really good

when is theres a new update?

Unfortunately we are not sure yet because we are currently busy with other projects. But what would you like to see in future updates?

less lag and some story or something